Walls between us

There’s a special time between when I get home and Charlotte’s bedtime.

In that time, I find that walls are useful things.

In one room of our house, we have a world map, a US map and a poster of different kinds of birds.  A bedtime ritual I have done recently with Charlotte is to play some games with the map. I’m impressed at how much she remembers from the night before. 


(free public domain image from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Map_of_USA_with_state_names.svg)

It goes like this…

“I’m thinking of a yellow state that begins with A and ends with A”.

“What state is “hi” in the middle and round on both ends?”  (thanks, Elmer Fudd)

“What state borders the most other states?”

“What states have panhandles?”

… and then I turn the tables and tell her to ask me some questions.  And I get things like:

“Daddy, what state looks like a mitten?”

“…what state is married to Mr. Ippi?”

“…what state would be a spice if you added an O on the end?”

“…what state has the best vision?”

Priceless learning, and good fun.


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