When I moved my family to San Jose from Seattle in 2011, my wife met a few stay-at-home moms who home-schooled their children, and we decided to do the same for our 4-year-old (now 7 as I type this).

I’m 46 with a college degree in Journalism. That would normally be a trivial and boring detail, but I think it has more meaning in the context of this blog because I work in a very technical company, in a very technical profession, in a very technical region (Silicon Valley) that attracts technical people with technical degrees. That proves that my education (not my schooling) is what matters. Furthermore, it shows that “schooling” does not have to happen in a school, and I am delighted that there is a huge community of alternative “schoolers” that agrees.

I’m just doing what we all do on the job, but it starts with learning how to learn, and the permission to have our own learning style.

It’s my hope for Charlotte that spends her time having fun learning how to learn.  This blog is a collection of thoughts what I see and experience as she does that.


One thought on “About

  1. I just love reading these and hearing more and more about that special and beautiful little girl and how much she is learning and growing every day and her parents that instill so many great principles and qualities in her ….


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